Numbers Building Set

Grimm's Wooden Toys

$ 88.00

Children will have fun as they learn with this fab set of chunky wooden numbers. It includes ten numbers - from 0 to 9 - and a timer, which is great for adding a competitive element to doing sums. This set is great for learning how to count and the fundamentals of mathematics, and the colourful pieces can be stacked too in various shapes. These numbers are made from lime wood and naturally stained using non-toxic, water-based colour.  This natural finish allows the grain of the wood to shine through and ensures that this toy is safe for young children.  Each number measures 8cm high and 2cm thick. The set comes in a carton box for safe keeping.

This toy is suitable from age 3.

Featuring toys to shake, build or pull along, our range of Grimm’s toys has something for every child to fall in love with.  The quality of these toys is superb and their appeal is timeless – we’re sure that they will be treasured not only by your children but by your grandchildren too. 

Grimm’s educational wooden toys are made in Europe from alder, lime, beech and maple, all sourced from sustainably managed European forests.  They are made in handpicked workshops across Europe and coated with natural colours and oils by the Grimm’s team in Germany. All of the paints and lacquer used to finish your lovingly made Grimm’s toy are harmless and enhance the natural beauty of the wood, allowing the grain to shine through.