Riding Boots - Black


$ 20.00 $ 65.00

Our baby riding boots are a wonderful addition to your child's wardrobe! They are super stylish and highly functional. You won't believe the compliments you'll hear when your child is wearing these!


-Non-slip and waterproof sole. Tested out on a multitude of surfaces.
-Machine washable
-Soft elastic around the ankles to ensure they will not fall off.
-Velcro strap to keep them nice and snug around the ankles for added warmth.

Wear them with the front flap up or down to show the soft inside material-however you choose!


SIZE 1------------0-3 MONTHS-----------3.75 inches
SIZE 2------------3-6 MONTHS-----------4 inches
SIZE 3------------6-9 MONTHS-----------4.25 inches
SIZE 4------------9-12 MONTHS---------4.75 inches
SIZE 5------------12-18 MONTHS-------5.25 inches
SIZE 6------------18-24 MONTHS-------5.75 inches

To find the correct size, we highly recommend first measuring your child's foot, then add 1/2" to that measurement to match up with the size chart. When in doubt, size up. The elastic and Velcro strap will keep these boots on even if they are slightly large.
(Ages listed are just a rough guideline-all kids grow at different rates. The measurement is the most important factor.)